Clearwire announces plan to add LTE network

WiMAX service provider, Clearwire has announced its plan to add “LTE Advanced-ready” technology to its 4G network.

WiMAX service provider, Clearwire has announced its plan to add “LTE Advanced-ready” technology to its 4G network. Initially, Clearwire’s LTE network would be targeted to densely populated, urban areas of operator’s existing WiMAX markets where data usage demands are high.

The announcement follows the successful completion of 4G technology trials that achieved download speeds exceeding 120 Mbps.

“Our extensive trial has clearly shown that our ‘LTE Advanced-ready’ network design, which leverages our deep spectrum with wide channels, can achieve far greater speeds and capacity than any other network that exists today. Clearwire is the only carrier with the unencumbered spectrum portfolio required to achieve this level of speed and capacity in the United States” said Dr. John Saw, Clearwire’s Chief Technology Officer. 

Clearwire’s LTE implementation plan, which is subject to additional funding, contemplates deploying Time Division Duplex (TDD) LTE technology and reusing its flexible all-IP network architecture and upgrading base station radios and some core network elements, which offers significant capital savings. This will include the use of multicarrier, or multichannel, wideband radios that will be carrier aggregation capable. Carrier aggregation is a key feature of LTE Advanced that will enable Clearwire to further leverage its vast spectrum depth to create larger “fat pipes” for deploying mobile broadband service. The network would position Clearwire as the clear leader in 4G mobile broadband technology, capable of serving the current and anticipated future demands of wholesale and retail customers.

Clearwire also restated its commitment to its existing 4G WiMAX network, which covers approximately 132 million people while serving 7.65 million retail and wholesale customers and an ecosystem of nearly 110 WiMAX enabled devices, including all 4G phones currently offered by Sprint. Clearwire expects to end 2011 with approximately 10 million 4G customers.

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