Everything Everywhere and BT to trial LTE in UK

Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale plan live trial of 4G LTE in UK.

Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale plan live trial of 4G LTE in UK. The two companies sharing their fixed telecommunications and mobile technology will provide high speed wireless broadband to customers in rural Cornwall, UK.

An initial test at BT’s laboratories at Adastral Park in Suffolk is already underway, with the field trial set to test realistic 4G broadband data speeds outside of laboratory conditions. The field trial will start this September and run to early next year, involving up to 100 mobile and 100 fixed line customers living around the St Newlyn East area of South Newquay, Cornwall. Both the laboratory and live field phases will test the application of 4G LTE as a shared fixed and mobile platform.

The  field trial will utilise 2 x 10MHz of test 800MHz spectrum and will test its capability as a compelling and long term complementary solution to fixed broadband technology for customers who currently get low speeds or are unable to get broadband altogether. 

The trial will take place at test sites south of Newquay in Cornwall, providing a combined coverage area of 25 square kilometres, with approximately 700 premises which have no or limited access to broadband services today. Everything Everywhere will also look to test 4G enabled mobile handsets and broadband dongles as part of the trial.

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