Elisa opens corporate LTE network in Finland

Elisa has announced the launch of corporate 4G LTE network in Espoo, Finland.

Elisa has announced the launch of corporate 4G LTE network in Espoo, Finland. The first corporate user is Nokia Siemens Networks that will use the high speed mobile network for its virtual meetings.

Elisa started testing the 4G network together with Nokia Siemens Networks early this year. The network has now been opened to corporate users, and Nokia Siemens Networks will be the first one to take it into use in its Karaportti campus in Espoo.

“Corporations move increasingly to virtual working where the office is everywhere with the user. Nokia Siemens networks is a good example of a global enterprise that can benefit from the fast 4G network in Finland its employees will, for example, be able to participate in an HD-level video conference with a mobile device or utilise Elisa’s cloud services outside the office,”  said Pasi Mäenpää, Executive Vice President, Corporate Customers, Elisa.

By opening the corporate network, Elisa prepares for a wider scale utilisation of 4G in Finland. The 4G network will offer data speeds of over 100 mbps to Elisa’s customers, which will enable the creation and use of completely new services. In addition to the new technology, Elisa continues expanding its country-wide 3G network. Usage of mobile broadband has grown very rapidly, and there are already close to one million active mobile broadband users in Elisa’s 3G network.

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