NetComm prepared for global rollout of LTE

NetComm has announced that they are prepared for the global rollout of 3GPP LTE networks.

NetComm has announced that they are prepared for the global rollout of 3GPP LTE networks. NetComm’s LTE technology product(s) will be ready for launch in line with their carrier partner’s network upgrades to the new LTE system which is set to replace HSPA technology as the single global standard.

NetComm unveiled the 42Mbps HSPA (DC-HSPA+) router at the GITEX Technology Week Exhibition in Dubai in October using Etisalat’s 42Mbps network. The Gateway achieved downlink speeds of 40.7Mbps confirming that NetComm is primed to deliver the advanced technology to its portfolio of international telecommunications partners.

NetComm’s telecommunications partners including: Telstra (Australia), Etisalat, Saudi Telecom, Rogers Wireless, Telus and Telecom New Zealand are among the 156 operators in 64 countries currently investing in LTE. With 113 network commitments in 46 countries, and 43 additional pre-commitment trials, it is anticipated that at least 55 LTE networks will be in commercial service by the end of 2012.

“The spectacular performance from our demonstration of the 42Mbps HSPA (DC-HSPA+) router at GITEX confirms that the technology is ready to go. This launch follows from our introduction of one of the world’s first 21Mbps HSPA routers to hit the global market last year, and reflects our continued success in staying ahead of changing trends and market demand. I am also pleased to report that we have worked closely with our global telecommunications partners to ensure the immediate deployment of LTE technology on completion of the necessary network architecture,” says NetComm’s managing director, David Stewart.

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