Telefonica O2 Germany launches LTE pilot network

Telefonica O2 Germany has put its first LTE pilot network into operation in Munich.

Telefonica O2 Germany has put its first LTE pilot network into operation in Munich. It enables Internet download transfer rates of almost 100 megabits per second – five times the speed currently possible via HSDPA. This increase in capacity is particularly evident for data-intensive HD videos, online computer games, live streaming and large downloads.

“The launch of LTE in Munich is another important milestone in the development of the mobile communications of the future. Thanks to Telefónica’s global expertise and the frequencies recently acquired, we are optimally equipped to provide our customers throughout Germany with high-speed mobile Internet. This is shown by our first urban pilot network in Munich and three other pilot networks currently in development,” said CEO René Schuste.

In the Bavarian capital and Halle, O2 uses its frequencies in the 2.6-gigahertz range. In Ebersberg and Teutschenthal, both rural regions, the LTE pilot networks operate on frequencies of 800 megahertz originating from the ‘digital dividend’.

Technical partners for the projects in Munich and Halle are the companies Huawei and Nokia Siemens Networks. In Munich the LTE network will be operated in the same area as and parallel to the existing HSPA+ network belonging to O2.

Telefónica O2 Germany acquired new frequencies for a nationwide LTE network back in May at a cost of 1.4 billion Euros. These included two blocks in the 800 MHz range (digital dividend) and four blocks at 2.6 GHz.

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