Motorola Introduces New WiMAX devices

Motorola has added two new WiMAX devices, CPEi 800 and the CPEi 885.

Motorola has added two new WiMAX devices, CPEi 800 and the CPEi 885. Motorola CPEi 800 meets data-only needs of broadband users where as CPEi 885 provides a fully integrated data, voice and WiFi b/g/n solution in one compact unit.

These new fourth-generation plug-and-play CPEs revolutionize the economics for the delivery of WiMAX data, voice and WiFi services. Both devices are designed to help operators reduce cost, increase market penetration and reduce customer churn. The CPEi 800 meets the diverse needs of operators and their subscribers for a high-performance, data-only modem while the CPEi 885 provides power-packed capability and functionality to support the increased demand for home-networking needs, including digital entertainment and high-speed broadband access.

“Motorola continues to deliver greater innovation and diversity in our product lines to meet today’s demands for advanced home-networking solutions,” said Fred Gabbard, vice president of product management, Motorola Networks. “These additions to our portfolio demonstrate our commitment to WiMAX, ensuring our operator customers have the right products, at the right time, to advance their businesses.”

Motorola’s CPEi 800, offered in all bands, is a basic, low-cost data-only wireless modem for fast market entry into low teledensity markets or markets where operators are otherwise challenged to deliver high-speed Internet access. The user-friendly compact CPEi 800 requires no installation and connects the subscriber to high-speed access in seconds. Its fully internal antennas are optimized for high orientation gain, with easy-to-read signal strength indicators. Availability of the CPEi 800 is planned for August 2010.

The CPEi 885 is a step forward from the widely deployed CPEi 775 and is built on the fourth-generation common platform used throughout Motorola’s CPE portfolio. It is Motorola’s first fully-integrated CPE that supports WiMAX and WiFi b/g/n. The CPEi 885, initially offered in the 3.5GHz band, is a multiple port data, voice over IP (VoIP) and high-end WiFi (b/g/n and 2x2n) device that incorporates a 2.4GHz WiFi 2x2n router.


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