Airvana Shortlisted in Four Femtocell Industry Awards Categories

Airvana has been shortlisted in four categories in the 2010 Femto Forum Femtocell Industry Awards.

Airvana has been shortlisted in four categories in the 2010 Femto Forum Femtocell Industry Awards.  Airvana has been named for Application Concept, Enabling Technology, Contribution to Standards, and Individual Contributions to the Femto Forum.  

“The Femto Forum Femtocell Industry Awards provide a fascinating summary of activity in our industry over the past 12 months, and the judges commented on the maturity of the industry reflected in the entries. They have a challenging job ahead of them in choose a single winner for each category. We congratulate Airvana and extend our thanks to all those who participated.” said Simon Saunders, Chairman of the Femto Forum.

The Femto Forum Femtocell Industry Awards are designed to honor outstanding contributions to the industry during 2009.  Winners will be announced at the Femtocells World Summit in London on Wednesday, June 23, 2010. 

The Airvana Femto Family Tablet is shortlisted for Application Concept category.  The Family Tablet is a femtocell-enabled personal portal for all family communications, media control, and sharing. From accessing family calendars and sharing photos taken on mobile phones, to leaving text messages for automatic delivery when family members arrive home, the Femto Family Tablet links home and mobile life.  

Airvana’s UMTS pilot beacon is an innovative new approach that ensures proper handset-to-femtocell connections without adverse impacts to the handset or the macro cell network and has been named for Enabling Technology.

Airvana Standards Team led by Doug Knisely, vice president of technology has been named for Contribution to Standards. In 3GPP, Airvana was an early proponent of Iu-based architectures, helping the industry coalesce around the Iuh standard. The team also played an active role in the adoption IPsec/IKEv2 security protocols.   In 3GPP2, Airvana initiated and led activities to define the CDMA2000 femtocell architecture, including SIP/IMS-based 1x circuit services architecture, packet data architecture, security framework, the foundations of femtozone services and femtocell management. These efforts have helped the industry define and ratify femtocell standards in record time.

Josh Adelson, director of product marketing, and Fabio Chiussi, VP of technology are being nominated for individual contributions within the Femto Forum’s Marketing Working Group and Services Special Interest Group, respectively.


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