IPWireless Announces ‘Network-in-a-Box’, a 3GPP Mobile Broadband System for 700MHz, 2.5GHz, and Other Global Spectrum Bands

IPWireless has announced the general availability of ‘Network-in-a-Box, ’ a self-contained modular mobile broadband network product range.

IPWireless has announced the general availability of ‘Network-in-a-Box, ’ a self-contained modular mobile broadband network product range. The solution allows rapid and flexible deployment of a 3GPP-based, mobile broadband network for a variety of different applications.

In the United States, the ‘Network-in-a-Box’ solution supports 2.5GHz and the entire 700 MHz frequency, including the lower A block (LTE Band 12) held by many regional carriers. The comprehensive system provides a quick way to commercially deploy 4G coverage and capacity for rural broadband, and test service concepts with consumers. The system also supports the 700 Public Safety Block (LTE Band 14), allowing cities and other local governments to quickly deploy a mobile broadband system with the proven performance required for mission-critical applications. In addition to 700 and 2500 MHz, the solution supports the 872, 1900, 2010, and 2053 bands globally.

The rapidly deployable network consists of a number of modular elements contained in easily transportable ruggedized containers. The lab test system offers a fully functional network contained within one box, including everything required to transmit at low power in an indoor environment.  The trial network includes a fully functional core, combined with Node B’s and a test server. This system can be expanded to launch a rural commercial network which will support up to 16,000 subscribers. Finally, the small network system, which can be fully preconfigured prior to deployment, allows operators to deploy a network to cover a specific area for a period of time, for example large community college and educational projects or spontaneous events.

These systems can be deployed for creating a communications network for disaster response, adding temporary additional network capacity for major events or a trial network to prove the viability and use case of mobile broadband networks ahead of widespread rollouts. The solution includes a fully functional pre-configured core network that offers routing, authentication and radio access network management. Node B options and expansion kits allow customers to create a custom network that meets their unique needs. Expansion kits are available for deploying User Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) authentication, Voice over IP (VoIP), core network redundancy, a User Management System (UMS), or network management.

“Mobile Broadband networks have proved to be a resounding success amongst both the general public, educational and the emergency services. However the barrier to entry for new providers or new networks is significant given the complexities surrounding deployment,” said Dr. Bill Jones, chief executive officer of IPWireless “By drastically simplifying the process, networks can now be rolled out in a fraction of the time and with very little effort thereby facilitating a wide range of applications. These include time-sensitive situations such as disaster relief or public events where emergency extra capacity is required. We look forward to seeing these products being utilized in a range of deployments around the world in the future.”

IPWireless 3GPP mobile broadband solutions provide unmatched and uncompromising multi-megabit mobile broadband performance coupled with state-of-the art Quality of Service mechanisms, real-time service prioritization and pre-emption, and are software upgradeable to LTE when the operator is ready for transition.

The company’s mobile broadband technology has been commercially proven by major mobile operators including Orange and T-Mobile as well as in city-wide deployments in New York City and Gillette, Wyoming.

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