Elitecore’s EliteAAA is selected by BSNL in WiMAX Rollout

April 21, 2010 – Elitecore Technologies today announced roll out of BSNL WiMAX service on Elitecore Platform.

April 21, 2010 – Elitecore Technologies today announced roll out of BSNL WiMAX service on Elitecore Platform. BSNL has chosen Elitecore Technologies Core Network & Session Control Software -EliteAAA for WiMAX roll out in both Rural & Urban circles. BSNL plans to have 1.8 million subscribers using its services in Rural areas of India.
Elitecore’s EliteAAA deployed by BSNL is compliant to latest WiMAX forum NWG standards, It supports EAP-TTLS & EAP-TLS and Certificate based Authentication. The Key differentiation offered to BSNL was Multi Vendor support with different QoS Parameters in EliteAAA in a single deployment, thereby eliminating Vendor lock-in which was critical for BSNL having a huge geographic spread. Elitecore’s EliteAAA is integrated with Huawei & Point Red ASN gateways & existing upstream Billing System.
EliteAAA is Access network Agnostic which supports multiple Networks & services on the same platform. Elitecore offered BSNL upgrade WiMAX feature on the existing EliteAAA platform which has been running smoothly at BSNL supporting multiple access networks such as MPLS Virtual Private Dial up, MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN), XDSL, Wifi, WiMAX, this helped BSNL in faster roll out of services and significant reduction in CapEX, OpEX by Leveraging existing infrastructure for WiMAX
Elitecore has deployed EliteAAA as a Centralized AAA, Policy Management and Resource Management for offering prepaid and postpaid models for multiple services such as Virtual Private Dial Network (VPDN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Dial-up and ISDN, Broadband, WiMAX, Wifi, IPTV, Bandwidth on Demand on the same platform.
“The WiMAX feature is an upgrade on our existing EliteAAA setup at BSNL this enabled them to rollout services faster, Elitecore’s AAA is a future-proof solution which allows BSNL to easily adapt to ongoing changes in the WiMAX ecology. He further added “Over the years we have been working with BSNL on a number of projects, we are happy that we have been able to deliver solutions to meet BSNL requirement and shall continue to serve & support them with our solutions in the future” Says Nikhil Jain

Elitecore is among the leading Provider of Billing Revenue Management & Core Network Session Control software to Telco’s across the globe. Elitecore was recently awarded by the leading analysts firm Frost & Sullivan in category Price performance value leadership OSS BSS software- billing & charging.

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