Tekelec Showcases LTE Solutions and Supports GSMA Initiatives at Mobile World Congress 2010

February 15, 2010 – At Mobile World Congress 2010, Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC) will feature IP core network signaling and mobile data management solutions that help global service providers transition t

February 15, 2010 – At Mobile World Congress 2010, Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC) will feature IP core network signaling and mobile data management solutions that help global service providers transition to fourth-generation (4G) long term evolution (LTE) networks. At the company’s stand, 1F44 in Hall 1, Tekelec will highlight solutions to help service providers reduce network complexity and more efficiently manage and monitor data traversing their networks.

In addition, the company has announced involvement in two initiatives led by the GSM Association (GSMA): Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Global Roaming Quality (GRQ).

Cut LTE Network Complexity

Tekelec’s EAGLE XG Internet protocol (IP) signaling platform supports the evolution to 4G data-centric networks by improving traffic routing and interworking of core network equipment across multiple vendors. The solution hosts several next-generation applications, including:

– SIP Signaling Router (SSR), which creates a signaling and session control layer for all session initiation protocol (SIP) traffic
– Service Broker, to interwork intelligent network (IN) services with new next-generation applications
– Home Location Register (HLR) Router, which helps maximize telephone number database capacity

Eleven operators, including nine Tier 1s, have ordered the EAGLE XG through fourth quarter 2009 to address a variety of use cases including: SIP number portability; SIP interoperability; service availability to international roamers; and international number portability.

To further support global interworking, Tekelec has joined the GSMA’s new VoLTE initiative. The group promotes a unified, end-to-end IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) approach to deliver voice and short messages service (SMS) in LTE, with the goal of seamless interoperability in the mobile ecosystem.

“New cost efficiencies and revenues from LTE require industry standards and efficient architecture,” said Ron de Lange, executive vice president at Tekelec. “Tekelec paves the way for service providers to gradually evolve networks, with no impact to the underlying network infrastructure or service quality.”

Tekelec will also discuss its IP short message gateway (IP-SM-GW), which will deliver SMS and multimedia message service (MMS) messages between circuit-switched 2G/3G networks and LTE networks. The IP-SM-GW will provide a bridge to IP-based messaging by leveraging operators’ existing short message service centers (SMSCs) and multimedia message service centers (MMSCs), enabling network migration without requiring new application servers in the LTE network. The solution will enable message delivery within an operator’s subscriber base and among subscribers on multiple networks, maintaining messages delivery speed and reliability regardless of network type.

Cost Effectively Monitor Surging Data Traffic

Tekelec’s performance management platform, Integrated Applications Solution (IAS), allows service providers to choose the type and quantity of data they collect. This gives new flexibility to scale monitoring and data collection only as needed, without adding equipment at the pace of LTE network traffic growth. This method, called intelligent data management (IDM), provides deep analysis on high-value applications and customers without sacrificing necessary troubleshooting functionalities.

The GSMA also recently certified Tekelec’s performance management solution as compliant with the organization’s Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) Framework. Tekelec demonstrated that it delivers the key performance indicators for roaming quality as defined in the GRQ framework. These give standardized global parameters, service level agreement templates and roaming quality measures to help operators meet subscribers’ international roaming call quality expectations.

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