Juniper Networks unveils new Solutions to optimize mobile data traffic and provide seamless evolution to 4G and LTE networks

February 14, 2010 — Juniper Networks® (NYSE: JNPR) today announced three new mobility solutions that will address mobile operators’ immediate need to optimize traffic and reduce complexity in their

February 14, 2010 — Juniper Networks® (NYSE: JNPR) today announced three new mobility solutions that will address mobile operators’ immediate need to optimize traffic and reduce complexity in their mobile networks, while also providing a path for seamless migration from 3G to 4G and LTE networks. The new solutions, part of Juniper’s “Project Falcon” initiative disclosed last October, are based on the Junos® software platform and Juniper’s MX 3D Series Universal Edge Routers, which deliver revolutionary 3D Scaling to help networks scale dynamically to support more bandwidth, subscribers and services.

The first solution, Juniper Traffic Direct, addresses the experience and cost challenges caused by exponential growth of mobile data traffic due to smartphones, netbooks and notebooks. Juniper Traffic Direct optimizes mobile data traffic by combining intelligent subscriber and application policies with MX 3D Series scaling to offload bulk data traffic directly to the Internet, resulting in a better mobile experience. Expected to be available in Q2 2010, Traffic Direct will help providers reduce network congestion, minimize impact on their mobile infrastructure, and lower their total cost of ownership.

The second solution, Juniper Media Flow, optimizes mobile and fixed networks for fast, efficient video and rich media delivery — enabling a TV-like experience on smartphones and other mobile devices, while yielding TCO reductions for mobile operators. Media Flow leverages advanced software from Juniper partner Ankeena Networks, which enables smooth adaptive bit streaming for uninterrupted video viewing. Expected to be available in Q2 2010, Media Flow will include a Juniper VXA Series content delivery engine and Ankeena software to provide video and content delivery up to 10Gbps per engine. Combining Traffic Direct and Media Flow can help operators lower their total cost of ownership by up to 70 percent according to a study validated by IDC.1

The third solution, Juniper Mobile Core Evolution, will provide an open and secure mobile packet core to monetize 3G and 4G services on the same network. Expected to be available for selected customer evaluations in Q4 2010, Mobile Core Evolution will leverage MX 3D Series routers and Junos software to deliver 3G and 4G gateway capabilities while accelerating service innovation and time to market with uncompromised scaling across bandwidth, subscribers and services. Mobile Core Evolution will enable new services based on Junos SDK, while offering strong built-in security features to protect subscribers. The solution will fundamentally transform the mobile packet core to drive costs down, increase revenue opportunities and improve user experiences on a unified network.

“Mobile operators face a difficult challenge as they try to improve the mobile experience and deliver new services, while simultaneously reducing service delivery costs,” said Stefan Dyckerhoff, executive VP and general manager of Juniper’s Infrastructure Products Group. “With today’s news, Juniper is fueling the mobile broadband evolution with groundbreaking technology and an open ecosystem that paves the way for cost-effective migration to 4G technologies. No one else can offer immediate TCO relief for mobile operators, while delivering unmatched 3D scale, built-in security, and open platforms to monetize new services.”

“The combination of skyrocketing mobile data traffic has created a critical industry need to lower the cost of operating the network while also improving the user experience,” said Rajan Raghavan, CEO and co-founder, Ankeena Networks. “Juniper is the industry’s first vendor to deliver a new traffic optimization solution that combines offload and caching for more efficient content delivery directly to mobile subscribers.”

Juniper’s Mobile Core Evolution will enable operators to connect users and achieve lower TCO with further Internet traffic optimization capabilities. It will also enable services migration from 3G to 4G networks to be achieved with purchase of an additional software license for existing Juniper MX Series customers. Juniper’s MX Series routers have become an industry-leading carrier Ethernet platform with more than $1 billion in orders to date. Now with 3D Scaling, Juniper’s MX 3D routers can deliver significant benefits to mobile operators with up to two times more subscriber sessions and up to 20 times the capacity of competitors’ mobile packet core products.

“Juniper’s new Mobile Core Evolution will help operators to build a stronger, more trusted relationship with their customers by protecting user privacy while enabling new revenue generating capabilities, such as personalized advertising,” said Godfrey Chua, research manager, Wireless and Mobile Infrastructure, IDC. “By helping service providers to improve the user experience and lower production costs, Juniper is helping operators strengthen subscriber loyalty, while also advancing the economics of the network with new advanced scalable services.”

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