IntelliNet and Node-H Complete Femtocell Interoperability Testing

December 3, 2009  â€“ IntelliNet Technologies and Node-H announced today that they have successfully completed interoperability testing b

December 3, 2009  â€“ IntelliNet Technologies and Node-H announced today that they have successfully completed interoperability testing between IntelliNet’s Femtocell Gateway and a Femtocell Access Point, also known as Home Node B, using Node-H software.
Femtocells are small wireless base stations that are intended for use in the home or office. They connect to the wireless operator’s network through the subscriber’s broadband Internet access. Their value to subscribers is improved indoor coverage, while the operators get the benefit of offloading traffic from their macro network. The 3GPP Iu-h acstandard allows operators to select subscriber equipment and network equipment from different vendors.
“Our goal was to prove interoperability based on the Iu-h standard”, said Mike Cronin, CEO of Node-H. “This will give operators the confidence to begin large scale deployments. Node-H was happy to have the oapportunity to co-operate with IntelliNet in this round of testing to assure that deployments will go smoothly.”
Node-H provides protocol stack software for 3GPP Iu-h femtocell architecture. This software, combined with the baseband chipset and firmware, constitutes the core of the femtocell. Device vendors can add their own proprietary software to extend the functionality of the femtocell.
”Prior to the Iu-h standard being established, IntelliNet had developed proprietary femtocell gateway software that has been widely trialed and deployed by major network operators,” said Anjan Ghosal, president and CEO of IntelliNet Technologies. “Earlier this year we announced our integrated femtocell gateway solution and compatibility with the Iu-h standard.”
The IntelliNet Femtocell Gateway provides the secure access to macro network voice and data services and the control capabilities necessary to manage the very large numbers of femtocells. It is a 3GPP Release 8 Iu-h based solution towards the access with RANAP and SCTP support as well as standards based Iu-PS, Iu-CS and Gn network interfaces. It is built on a carrier-grade AdvancedTCA platform with an active/standby architecture.
About IntelliNet Technologies
IntelliNet Technologies provides network convergence technology and solutions to accelerate the deployment of next generation applications and services. Our convergence solutions include the femtocell gateway, IWLAN gateway and security gateway.  We work with the telecom industry’s leading network equipment providers and network operators to deliver high performance solutions customized for their needs. We offer broad applications coverage including core network technology enablers and protocols for mobility, messaging, location, charging and policy. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida IntelliNet solutions shorten time-to-market, reduce costs, increase flexibility and minimize risk. IntelliNet is a member of the Femto Forum. For more information please visit
About Node-H GmbH
Node-H GmbH is a pure-play 3GPP femtocell protocol software company. The company’s portable Iu-H based protocol software runs to the maximum platform capability on the leading chipset platforms. The high-performance fully integrated software was designed for cost-optimized SoC femtocell platforms to help femtocell and residential gateway manufacturers achieve fast time-to-market with a high-quality solution. Node-H is a member of the Femto Forum. Node-H is privately funded and based in Munich, Germany. For more information about Node-H, please visit

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