Taoglas Launches LTE and WiMax antenna solutions for the M2M market

October 12, 2009 – Taoglas, the leading M2M antenna provider, (www.taoglas.com), today released the first LTE and WiMax antenna solutions for the M2M market.  There are two antenna solutions: emb

October 12, 2009 – Taoglas, the leading M2M antenna provider, (www.taoglas.com), today released the first LTE and WiMax antenna solutions for the M2M market.  There are two antenna solutions: embedded and external. The FXP400 and FXP100 are ultra wideband, embedded antennas.  They offer the best market efficiency of over 70% for WiMax (2100~4320MHz) and LTE (690-940 MHz and 1720-3130 MHz).  The LTEA.4000 external solution for packaged M2M 3G/4G LTE markets has an efficiency of over 40% and connects externally to terminals and LTE equipment. These antennas will be showcased at the Taoglas booth #551 in the M2M Zone Pavilion at CTIA.

Both solutions build on Taoglas’ strong product line and experience with cellular and 3G antennas.  M2M manufacturers developing devices for the new fourth generation networks in automotive, telematics, metering, telemedical and femtocells (home networks) will benefit from antennas they can use in developing LTE and WiMax prototypes. These devices promise to deliver super-fast down and upload speeds on multiple applications in location-based services, M2M and various mobile applications.   

“With the FXP100 and FXP400, our new ultra wideband antenna series, and the external LTEA.4000 antenna, we are looking to meet future requirements of the LTE and WiMax market by using very efficient antennas based on current M2M market requirements,” said Dermot O’Shea, Director, Taoglas. “For M2M manufacturers designing devices for LTE and WiMax networks, they now have highly efficient antennas to use in their test and proof-of-concept designs.”

The FXP Ultra Wideband patent-pending antennas, the FXP100 and FXP400, are the result of a partnership with Dublin Institute of Technology’s (DIT) Antenna & High Frequency Research Group (www.ahfr.dit.ie/). They merge the best of Taoglas’ strength in world leading antenna designs with DIT’s research and software development ability.

“DIT’s Antenna & High Frequency Research Group (AHFR) has an international reputation for innovative futuristic concepts and solutions for contemporary market challenges,” said Professor Max Ammann, Group Director, DIG AHFR.  “The FXP ultra wideband series gives wireless manufacturers a market leading antenna to use as they work with upcoming LTE and WiMax networks and move towards implementing future 4G applications. These antennas remain stable on different ground plane sizes and on different points off the device PCB, which is ideal for the design market.”

The FXP ultra wideband series and the LTEA.4000 are available immediately.  For more information visit: www.taoglas.com/news/
About Taoglas

Taoglas the leading M2M antenna provider delivers an extensive range of automotive, tracking and remote antenna solutions. Taoglas also provides full wireless devices services including; antenna and device RF consultancy, custom antenna design, device noise debugging and testing services, and device certification and approval.  Founded in 2004, Taoglas has offices in Ireland, Taiwan, South Africa and USA.  Taoglas’ antenna design and development is carried out by Taoglas in Ireland, USA and Taiwan with production managed through Taoglas Taiwan. Taoglas customers include top-tier automotive, tracking, metering and medical companies worldwide. For more information visit: www.taoglas.com.

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