Motorola LTE Drive Tour Arrives in Sweden

August 12, 2009 | Live LTE demonstration to Scandinavian mobile operators – including first time live TV over LTE – showcases true mobile broadband and maturity of Motorola’s LTE solution

August 12, 2009 | Live LTE demonstration to Scandinavian mobile operators – including first time live TV over LTE – showcases true mobile broadband and maturity of Motorola’s LTE solution

KISTA, Sweden – Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced that its Long Term Evolution (LTE) drive tour has arrived in Sweden to demonstrate the next generation wireless broadband technology to operators from across Scandinavia.

During the drive tour, visitors will witness true mobile broadband performance as well as rich media experiences on the move in an urban environment via an LTE-enabled van. The demonstration will also include hand-over between sectors and a number of demanding, bandwidth hungry video applications running over LTE – including for the first time live TV over LTE.

The LTE network, which includes two Motorola LTE eNodeBs running on commercial hardware, is operating at 2.6GHz and is integrated with Motorola’s backhaul and evolved packet core (EPC) products. It was deployed and optimised in just 10 days, which is testament to Motorola’s OFDM network planning and deployment expertise as well as the maturity of its LTE solution.

Inside the van, which successfully toured the streets of Barcelona at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, visitors will see Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) streaming video from a Motorola video-on-demand server, as well as voice over IP calls, web browsing, file downloads and other high bandwidth and low latency Internet-based applications.

Participants to the tour are invited to connect via a touch screen tablet computer to a WiFi network within the van which is backhauled by the LTE network. A live HD video feed from Motorola’s offices to the vehicle will also be showcased and those in the van will be able to track the progress of the tour via Google Earth streaming the maps directly from the Internet.

“This latest example of our LTE solution deployed live in an urban setting demonstrates not only our expertise and commitment to accelerating the delivery of LTE experiences but also the maturity of our next generation solution,” said Steve McCaffery, vice president, European Sales, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility. “We’re excited to show our Scandinavian operator customers that LTE offers markedly increased network capacity to deliver the rich media experiences that consumers demand and enable operators to lower their cost per bit and gain a competitive advantage.”

Motorola is actively involved in LTE trials with operators in North America, Europe and Asia, and earlier this year launched its LTE trial network and testing lab in Swindon, United Kingdom.

Motorola’s LTE Solution
Motorola’s end to end LTE solution includes the WBR 500 series eNodeB LTE base stations that offer flexible deployment options, evolved packet core elements, compelling end-user devices, backhaul beyond voice network, network management solutions, video solutions that monetize LTE investment, and a complete portfolio of professional services. The LTE solution is comprised of Motorola’s OFDM broadband platform and a selection of radio options that include MIMO and smart antennas as well as its advanced self-organizing network (SON) solution. The portfolio includes frame based-mounted radios, remote radio heads and tower top radios to support a wide variety of LTE deployment scenarios across a wide variety of spectrum bands to meet the needs of the global market. Motorola’s LTE solution has won multiple awards in various categories, including the “4G—Service Management” category for Motorola’s LTE SON solution in the CTIA Wireless 2009 E-Tech Competition.

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